Successful Writers

Walk into any cafe in London and you will spot a writer sat, head down in a notebook or laptop. The city is such an inspiring place for writers, both old and new, with its mix of antique and urban culture, there is always something new to see or do.

My Kensington hopes to give you the chance to meet up with like-minded individuals and share stories, influences and tips. You could chat online or join a workshop; there are hundreds of ways to get the creative juices flowing.

With MK, you have the opportunity to try out different exercises and gain influence from some of today’s most prolific authors. No matter what form your writing takes, short story, play, novel, screenplay, if you are writing, we are reading.

There are hundreds of exercises you could do to help your story takes shape. If you are struggling with the initial influence for a story, try meeting up with a friend or fellow writer and bounce ideas off each other. Running over ideas with a friend will help you to think about your story in a new way and add layers to it.

Perhaps you have a solid idea but your plot structure is falling flat. In this case, try telling your story to somebody you know in one sentence, e.g. “This is a story about… This story begins here… and ends here…” This will force you to set out a specific plot and loose those annoying straggly ends that can make your novel or play seem messy.