Finding the right legal teams in London

London certainly isn’t short of qualified legal team that can help you in all sorts of cases, including court showings, simple advice and compensation claims. However, finding the right team that is suited to your needs can be difficult. However, we have put together a list of the best teams in London. Explore London.

One of the best private detective agencies in LondonLondon's leading private detective agency

Private Detective London is a UK based investigator agency providing services such as vehicle tracking, surveillance, criminal defence and background checking to those who feel uneasy and unsettled in any aspect of their life. PDL have a vast history of happy clients as they are thorough, reliable and discreet. Call 020 3747 1865 for more information.

Who is suitable for private investigation services?

  • Business owners who believe employees are acting in an illegal manner
  • Individual facing court proceedings who needs sufficient evidence
  • Family needing to track down a missing family member
  • Fear of their partner being unfaithful

Fully qualified London solicitorsHire London's leading solicitor

If you’re facing legal charges, a criminal defence lawyer will be able to fight your corner in court and will present evidence found in favour of you. Orb Advice Centre again is a London based legal centre that will be able to help any case you throw at them. Contact the experts today.

Where can a solicitor help you?